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When a golf course is in perfect conditions like the one in Oliva Nova Beach & Golf Resort, when the weather is good and the sun lessens the col, and especially when people are crazy to enjoy one more year playing golf in the PGA leagues, success is assured.

We are so grateful to Rafael Velasco, Sports Director and Manager in Oliva Nova Golf Club, for all the support given, in the same way for the awards that he gives especially to the little ones, the youngest players.

It is to be highlighted the strong emergence of the Costa Azahar Golf Club, they want the title as the leagues club with the highest participation. This year, the Manises Golf Club will have to fight and encourage their children much more to participate if they don’t want stop being among the best three in Spain. At the moment, the club Scorpion doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to be one of the greatest participants in this competition although everything can happen if they set in motion.

There are new sponsors in this 2019, such as the Salamanca clinic which gave awards to young and adult players. Facial treatments, waxing, massages and the footprint test are the different prizes that the winners of the tournament and the winners of the draw have. In future tournament the results shall be visible.

Finally, the great work of our Ambassadors on the day of the test is to be pointed out. They helped the youngest players and the highest handicappers to end the tournament, they took photos for the organization, they were present during the games, they helped in the preparation of the awards ceremony and they were always at the disposal of his PGA Iván Lara.

Now everybody is waiting for the next tournament that is going to be played in La Sella on February 9th and 10th. It will be valid for the Spanish Championship. The youngest players and beginners are playing on Saturday. Children and youth players are playing on Sunday. If any player doesn’t want to play Medal, modality Stableford may be selected and lift the ball as usual.

Good luck!

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