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Golf practice returns to Germany with strict measures

The Spanish Government seeks hotels or pavilions to isolate asymptomatic positive patients

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Normality is something that may take time to return, or at least the way we used to do certain things before. Meanwhile, formulas are being found so that once the first strike of the pandemic has been overcome, certain activities can be carried out again.

Golf, which is still played in some regions of the US, is now back in Germany, more specifically this Monday. Like everything, it will have its restrictions from now on, at least for a good period of time, at least as long as there is no vaccine against COVID-19. But at least it can be played, in a similar way to how it is done in Arizona (USA).

To start, it can only be done two by two. You will not be able to touch the flag, and nothing to move in a buggy, because then it would be necessary to disinfect it. Everything must be done with your own material and therefore the bunker will not be raked either.

There will also be no access to the restrooms on the corresponding field and, when it is finished, the players will not be able to stay on the field or in the facilities, but will only play. From the car to the tee of 1 and from the flag of 18 you go directly to the car. In addition, players are requested to bring disinfectant liquid to use whenever they consider necessary.

Source: Diario Marca

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