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Winter is time for enjoying a good meal, experience warm moments such as going for a stroll along the beach or getting caught by a good read. Time for putting our priorities in order and making new resolutions. Or simply time for disengaging yourself from everything, give way to imagination, enjoy new experiences, or relive the same experiences enthusiastically. It is a season of ends and beginnings, a season when we re-experience childhood dreams and we celebrate together with our beloved ones.

Oliva Nova offers the sweetness and light of winter surrounded by nature and wonderful landscapes. A place where the sun is always shining to highlight the essentials for life and a place to placidly enjoy perfect plans, fulfilling experiences.

We welcome winter and you are invited to enjoy it with us through satisfying experiences. We know how to stop the clock for a few days so that you do not want to go back to the madding crowd. Oliva Nova is the place to be.

Luis Borho
Managing Director
Oliva Nova Beach & Golf Resort

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