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Facial care, sensoriality and relaxation. We offer you the best facial treatments to make your stay at Oliva Nova Beach & Golf Resort an unforgettable experience. Put yourself in the hands of our beauty professionals and let yourself be pampered.

With the arrival of summer, our skin tends to become dehydrated and duller as a result of constant exposure to solar radiation. In addition to a facial routine that focuses on antioxidants and broad-spectrum sun protection, it is important to perform in-booth facial treatments that enhance the effects of our cosmetics and also allow us to enjoy a relaxing sensory experience.

At Oliva Nova Wellness Spa we have a menu of five facial treatments that adapt to the needs of each skin type.

  • Citrus vita essence
    It is a renewing and revitalizing protocol that attenuates lines and blemishes and illuminates the face.
  • S.O.S Sensitivity
    It is indicated for the most sensitive skins, soothing, firming and brightening the face skin.
  • 3D Collagen Shock
    Firms and reshapes the facial oval thanks to an innovative product with collagen of different molecular weights that penetrates into different layers of the skin.
  • Whitening System
    Acts on skin with hyperpigmentation, lightening it and preventing the appearance of new stains.
  • 02 Relax
    It is a protocol that cleanses, oxygenates and purifies the skin from the inside. Treat yourself to one of these treatments during your stay and awaken the natural light of your skin.

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