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Holistic treatments manage to transport you to exotic places through their aromas, while beautifying your skin with the best cosmetic active ingredients.

Smell is the sense with the greatest power to transport us to places that manage to abstract us from reality. Aromatherapy, based on essential oils, acts directly on this sense by stimulating the release of certain chemical substances directly related to well-being. For this reason, they are part of what are known as holistic treatments, in which in addition to obtaining all the benefits of the massage and cosmetics used, aromatherapy manages to transport you to exotic places through its fragrances.

In Oliva Nova Wellness Spa you can enjoy the best body treatments based on aromatherapy and focused on different aspects of our skin. ON Aroma Jazmine & Coconut Experience is a jasmine and coconut scented exfoliating massage that deeply nourishes and hydrates the skin. ON Aroma Tangerine & Mango Experience brightens the skin from the inside thanks to the vitamin C in its citrus fruits, promoting circulation and muscle tone. ON Aroma Lemon Grass & Greentea Experience promotes cellular rejuvenation in addition to regenerating and moisturizing the skin.

Moisturizing wraps are the perfect finishing touch to these ultra-sensory experiences. This aesthetic procedure tones, detoxifies, nourishes and moisturizes the skin in depth, through a relaxing wrap that enhances the effects of the products applied so that the result is a smooth and radiant skin.

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