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“I’m super happy for sharing my passion for sport with my children”

Chema Martínez, who won the 2002 gold medal in the 10.000 metres at the European Athletics Championships, is one of the best Spanish long-distance runners ever. “Don’t think, run” is his philosophy on life. It is an optimistic and energetic attitude, combined with physical and mental well-being. He affirms that success is not possible without commitment and perseverance, and he mainly thinks that the secret weapon for it is self-confidence. Being the father of a family who loves sport as well as him, he has spent a few days in Oliva Nova training and enjoying relaxing moments.

—You usually come to the beach in Oliva Nova. What does it have for you to come repeatedly?

I like Oliva Nova because I feel at ease in the beach. It is a quiet, nice place where I can run, swim and spend time with my family.

—You have not stopped doing sport during your holidays in Oliva Nova, even a running ascent to the Montgó has been organised via your social networks. How was the experience of running in this natural park?

Running and practising sport are written in my life and it is even more attractive if you share your training sessions with other people. The ascent to the Montgó is a must. I’m not only training there, but I’m also sharing a few kilometres with other people and, thus, we all enjoy a day full of sport in such a wonderful setting.

—You are a great user of social networks and we can follow your training sessions, the daily routine of a sportsman and your passion for running through them. What does the message #dontthinkrun in your IG profile mean?

I love social networks and they mirror my life. I am the same person you see in my profile. “Don’t think, run” means that you must be brave and take a risk in life. You must be ready to take the first step! It means that we must be determined to fulfil our challenges and dreams.

—Following you on Instagram, some of your breakfast meals have been displayed in your stories. We are really impressed by the great amount of fruit you eat a day, about 3kg. Why is it so important in an athlete’s diet?

I have to admit two of my addictions: fruit and coffee, I cannot do without them. Although abuse of coffee is not good, fruit is one of the keys for a good nutrition. I love it! So, you’ll keep on seeing stories with me eating an exaggerated amount of fruit… and coffee too, of course!

—How do you match the training sessions of an elite sportsman with the family holidays?

We always look for destinations where both things can be done. Places where I can train and spots where my family can enjoy at the same time, as it happens in Oliva Nova.

—Is it true that your best medal is your family? You all love sport and practising it together. Are there any other plans you like doing together?

There is no doubt that my greatest trophy is my children, and I am incredibly happy about sharing my passion for sport with them. Nuria, my wife, and I have been professional athletes and it has played an important role to develop the values of sport in the education of our children. Sport has been and will be our lifestyle.

—What about your family experience in Oliva Nova Beach & Golf Resort?

We have spent a few wonderful days and we are eager to come back, so we are counting the days left for our next trip to Oliva Nova.

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