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The main events are the Spring MET and the Autumn MET, the show jumping competitions held every year from January to April and from October to December.

Located on the coast of the Mediterranean

Sea, the Oliva Nova Equestrian Center (CEON) is known among the best international circuits where the best riders in the world meet every year. The Spring MET and the Autumn MET are among the favorites of the national and international

equestrian calendar for the magnificent facilities in which they are held and also due to good weather conditions. Last but not least, it also has the capacity to host official dressage competitions.

For equestrian sport lovers, the Mediterranean Equestrian Tour is an event like no other for horses, riders and their families. The facilities go beyond a very competitive sports calendar, providing all the amenities required to enjoy a pleasant stay: restaurants as Ocean’s and Central Aura Lounge directly next to the arenas, a shopping village with a variety of exclusive stores, etc. Thus, the CEON is not only the perfect setting for competitions, but also a place to enjoy a lifestyle centered around horses and

their well-being. It covers 16 hectares divided between stables, warm-up and competition areas, the last one consisting of three arenas where riders from all over the world compete to be the best from Tuesday to Sunday.

CEON’s rhythm is constant, even when there is no competition. From the day after a Tour ends, work is already underway to prepare the next one. Starting January 9th, the Spring MET 2024 will gather old and new friends.





09th to 14th: CSIYH* / CSI1* / CSI2*

16th to 21st: CSIYH* / CSI1* / CSI3*

23rd to 28th: CSIYH* / CSI1* / CSI3*


06th to 11th: CSIYH* / CSI1* / CSI2*

13th to 18th: CSIYH* / CSI1* / CSI3*

20th to 25th: CSIYH* / CSI1* / CSI3*


05th to 10th: CSIYH* / CSI1* / CSI2*

12th to 17th : CSIYH* / CSI1* / CSI3*

19th to 24th: CSIYH* / CSI1* / CSI3*


02nd to 07th: CSIYH* / CSI1* / CSI2*.

09th to 14th: CSIYH* / CSI1* / CSI3*

16th to 21st: CSIYH* / CSI1* / CSI3*

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