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La visita turística que no te puedes perder a tan sólo una hora de Oliva Nova

The excellent state of preservation of the heritage is one of its main attractions.

If there is something that characterizes the Valencia Region, apart from the climate and the rich gastronomy, it is the charm of the villages that make it up. Villages bathed by the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, delimited by coastal mountain ranges, coves and cliffs that are the result of the conservation of the natural value of the territory. Also inland villages, where you can still breathe past times with cobblestone streets, monuments and Muslim and medieval castles.

May be the latter are the great forgotten ones of tourism, but their beauty and history manage to attract thousands of visitors who are fascinated by their evocative images every year. Castell de Guadalest is one of them.

The walled enclosure has been declared a historic-artistic site since 1974.

Considered one of the most beautiful villages in Spain, the Guadalest municipality conquers the tourism of the Costa Blanca because it has managed to maintain the essence, despite the passage of time, of its houses perched on top of the rocks, its fortresses, museums and a history dating back to before the Muslim era.

Castell de Guadalest enjoys panoramic views at an altitude of 587 meters where you can see the Xortà and Serrella mountain ranges to the north and the Aitana mountain range to the south. Inside, the castles of San José, from the 11th century, the main attraction of the municipality, and the Alcozaiba, also from the 11th century, the prison, which dates back to the 12th century, or the bell tower and the church stand out. In addition, it has eight museums that house the most unusual collections, from a microgiant museum, another of salt and pepper shakers, torture instruments or dollhouses. You can also visit the municipal museum Casa Orduña, a collection of micro-miniatures, the ethnological museum and the museum of historic vehicles.

One of the accesses to the surroundings of the castle, which dates back to the Muslim period

Visiting El Castell de Guadalest is justified if only for its incredible scenery, but it goes far beyond that and encompasses all five senses. The town enjoys a high level of local gastronomy where rice is the star ingredient. In its different restaurants you will be able to taste both traditional and avant-garde dishes, where the stuffed peppers, the rabbit with all i oli, the olleta de blat and the mintxos stand out. As if that were not enough, during the last week of February, the restaurants belonging to the Guadalest Valley participate in the gastronomic week and prepare an exclusive menu typical of the area.

If we delve into their traditions, the Guadalestinos or castelludos, as the inhabitants of this town are known, celebrate the festivities of San Gregorio on the first weekend of May, and the patron saint festivities, in honor of our Lady of the Assumption, from August 14 to 17.

The views from the top of the castle are breathtaking, in a natural setting located on the shady side of the Sierra de Aitana.

For motor racing enthusiasts, the town offers during the last week of May a mountain rally that culminates on the slopes of the castle.

Enjoying an alternative plan just an hour away from the Oliva Nova resort is very easy, and Castell de Guadalest is one of the best options whatever the time of the year. History, incredible panoramic views, leisure with the whole family and an exquisite gastronomic offer that leaves no one indifferent.

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