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It is possible to enjoy a top-level holiday in an exclusive property.

There are three elements that are not easily combined: the search for new holiday experiences, new destinations, and good investment opportunities. The treasure hunter has the challenging mission of finding somewhere that is almost paradise, where you can spend short or long stays on the beach with the sunshine above your head.

One of the most preferred destinations for relaxing and getting away from the routine is to be found on the Mediterranean shore. Without a doubt the perfect place to find the essential elements that add value to your holidays and those aspirations sought by the seekers of stillness and serenity. There are always surprising and good reasons to determine your opinion. In the end, a step is taken forward for a safe haven: an extraordinary place, with good weather and excellent surroundings. However, there are also other aspects to be considered before making a decision such as the leisure options and the comforts provided by the services in the area.


Prospective homeowners or buyers are looking for a quality worry free product. To purchase a property that offers you guarantees in terms of construction and bureaucracy for many future Owners’ is greatly appreciated. What do these clients need when buying their dream house? Quick solutions and the peace of mind given by the top-quality design and construction of it, as well as all necessary paperwork and after-sales services such as the maintenance of pools and garden.

To live comfortably and to add some extras to the property fit into these parameters’, where we will be spending our holidays. Considering the above, Oliva Nova stands out as the only destination that provides its guests with everything they can imagine. Your dream holiday comes true no matter if you spend a few days or if you stay in your own property.


Really close to Dénia, Oliva Nova Beach & Golf Resort is a unique location that combines relaxation, leisure, sports and sea. All of this with the ‘plus’ offered by being around a complex that is full of experiences and services orientated towards holiday breaks and that meets the expectations demanded by many who look for an outstanding service.

Focusing on the sea, nature, culture and gastronomy, the residential complexes designed and built by CHG are unique as well. The possibility to stop dreaming becomes reality in an enclave where your senses wake up. A destination where you can practice your favourite sports, relax in the sea or enjoy many wellness services, just because you own a property in Oliva Nova.

Going a step further in the purchase of a property in your chosen location means having around you everything that brings, if possible, an even greater peace of mind. Here, it is possible to imagine that golf lovers may have their houses located on the front line of an 18-hole golf course, a few metres away from the scene of action.


The apartments in the residential complex Sevilla 7 are the perfect example of the above. Experts describe them as an excellent real estate opportunity to live by the Mediterranean Sea.

With a large garden area and a communal pool, this apartment complex combines a great location and a price meeting its qualities and finishes. The residential complex consists of 2 or 3-bedroom apartments, with or without a private garden, and duplex penthouses. Extra value is the access to all services provided in Oliva Nova Beach & Golf Resort.


Many people who used to spend their summer holidays in this paradise in the Mediterranean area have gone a step further. They decided to spend longer periods in Oliva Nova and, thus, they have bought a villa. However, they soon cheer up about having made the decision that gives them back the dream of enjoying the reunion with a life full of mod cons. What encourages them most is that they end up being

Owners of an exclusive made to measure villa of varying models with the design adapted to their needs and tastes and accompanied by the exceptional professional CHG team.

This step of calmly choosing from the best properties that are embedded in the Mediterranean coastline, is the decision that many Europeans have taken in order to purchase a luxury villa as the place to enjoy unique surroundings.


People living in Oliva Nova Beach & Golf Resort say they live in one of the best possible neighbourhoods and in the best quality property. Villas located around large gardens and green areas, with or without a pool, are some of the features that make up a dream. A dream that comes true with exclusive properties bordering a fi ne sandy beach.

All surrounded by excellent facilities: an 18-hole golf course designed by the legendary Severiano Ballesteros, an International Equestrian Centre, tennis and paddle tennis courts, a spa and fitness centre, football pitches, shopping centre… Everything close by, only 5 minutes away from the home you have always dreamed of.

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