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A global benchmark in the equestrianism

The Centro Ecuestre Oliva Nova is a worldwide benchmark in the equestrianism. The competition of the Mediterranean Equestrian Tour (MET), reaching its 8th edition, has placed these facilities in the global epicentre of this sport during spring and autumn. The evolution and consolidation of the MET is beyond dispute. Data are impressive: over a thousand of riders from 40 different nationalities and more than 3.200 horses have taken part in the Spring MET competition this year in Oliva Nova. Prizes have been valued in no less than 1,4 million Euros.

2012 marked the beginning of the MET in Oliva Nova. The start of a successful path in terms of sport and social significance of a competition that is also leaving an important economic impact in the area. The event meets all the requirements so that the best riders in the world of show jumping want to come. The Spring competition ended last April and there were some FEI-approved classificatory events, as the facilities of the CEON are considered one of the best headquarters. The Longiness World Rankings and other classificatory events for the Olympic Games are some of the most irresistible lures for elite horsemen and horsewomen from all over the world, together with everything it stands for. Thus, it is explained the increasing number of people over the years. “The best sportsmen in the world of show jumping choose the MET as its sport destination”, explains Bettina Pöhls, manager of the event since 2015. The location, by the sea, the climate and the excellent facilities turn the CEON into an essential reference point.

Top-level riders such as Scott Brash (Great Britain), Lorenzo de Luca (Italy), Julen Epaillard (France), Nicola Phillippaerts (Belgium) or Pilar Cordón (Spain) competed in the Spring Tour. It is plenty of reasons not to miss the event. “Horsemen and horsewomen highly appreciate our facilities and the excellent arenas, where they find everything they need to take care of their horses”, adds Pöhls. Around 200 motorhome trucks came to Oliva Nova last April.

In autumn the competition of the Autumn MET 2018 is back with two scheduled tours, both between 2nd October and 11th November. As usual, the best riders in the world of show jumping are expected.

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