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Set between the countries of China and India and nestled in the Himalayan Mountain range, Nepal is known for all or part of the world’s eight highest mountains, including the mighty Everest, and for its rich heritage, mythology and religion.

Despite being a country where agriculture is still the main economic activity, the textile industry, more specifically the production and export of carpets, has improved Nepal’s economic situation.

Although the Middle East has been the region whose culture has thrived the most the art of this weaving, it is in the nomadic people of Central Asia where its ancestral technique was born, with weavings from herds of goats and sheep, and with the practical objective of protecting human beings from the adverse climatic conditions in that part of the world.

Over time, people who migrated to cities in China, India or the western Caucasus brought these pieces of cloth with them, a craft that was reinvented and incorporated as new decorative elements related to their respective cultures.

Nowadays, this fact is the origin of different carpet styles that are known and marketed all over the world.

In the home deco shop Original Furnitures, they are lovers of these handmade pieces, and that’s why you can find in the shop a large exhibition of top-quality carpets from Nepal.

Crafted with the Hand Knotted technique, knot by knot, the pieces that are sold in this space of the Oliva Nova complex have unique designs, very characteristic, with geometric, floral, animal or star ornamental and of immeasurable value that makes them unique.


Original Furnitures.
La Plaza Oliva Nova
Avenida Picasso, 1 – 46780 Oliva (Valencia)

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