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From field to fork

Not only flavors and presentation matter when it comes to gastronomy. Ethics and commitment to the environment are two factors that Oliva Nova takes very much into account in its culinary creations.

And when we talk about a resort like Oliva Nova, the chefs, in charge of preparing each recipe, are actually the last link in a large and qualified team behind each ingredient. The food and beverage manager, together with his assistants and trusted suppliers, are responsible for sourcing and providing the best quality produce and raw materials.


It is becoming more and more common in the hospitality industry to work with 0-kilometer products, not only to promote local business, but also to contribute to a more sustainable world. By working with local suppliers and companies, the carbon footprint is significantly reduced, there is no food waste and employment and wealth is generated in the region. Oliva Nova is committed to this trend and works with nearby crops and livestock, as well as with Spanish wineries, mainly located in Alicante and Valencia.

Oliva Nova relies on local suppliers to serve the best quality produce and raw materials.

Valencian tomatoes
Valencian tomatoes
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