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From September 7th onwards, the new card will be delivered to all members and subscribers at the Pro-Shop in the Club House.

This new contactless card allows to add credit and buy practice balls straight at the driving range with no need of purchasing tokens. Credit can be added as many times as needed at the Pro-Shop. In any case, if you cannot come to pick your new membership card, this functionality is also available at the Claphouse app. It is very easy to use too: once you go to your digital card, select “get balls” and a QR code is generated and it is recognized by the machine before providing the practice balls.

Soon, this new card will have many more functionalities. Members will be allowed to pay at The Golf Club restaurant with the membership card, they will be allowed to open restricted areas at the Club House or they will also get their discounts straight, for example. As you can see, we are constantly committed to improve the service offered to the members and subscribers at Oliva Nova Golf Club.

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