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The renowned hat designer finds in Oliva Nova a refuge to disconnect and be inspired.

Nothing inspires an artist more than the sea. But how could it not inspire you to feel the sea breeze from a terrace on the Mediterranean seafront?

The Oliva Nova resort is the ideal place to enjoy with your family and partner, to conquer your taste buds, to practice sports, to disconnect and even to be inspired. For this same reason, Betto García, a hat designer who has collaborated for the most important headlines of the fashion scene and is trusted by celebrities, actresses and influencers from all over the world, has chosen Oliva Nova as an artistic refuge.

We asked him a brief questionnaire to tell us about his experience at the five-star resort, what surprised him most and how he experienced the Mediterranean Equestrian Tour, the equestrian show jumping competition that he had the opportunity to experience firsthand.

After check-in, what was the first thing you did?

We rushed over to see the super room and they gave us a room tour. We loved the terrace, the pool and the spectacular ocean views.


Anything that has surprised you about Oliva Nova?

Sincerely, I was surprised by everything, it exceeded my expectations by far. The gastronomic offer is spectacular, the spa, the whole part of the Equestrian Center… I loved it. If Oliva Nova were a hat, it would undoubtedly wear feathers on a helmet, with a lot of inspiration from horses.


Which restaurant did you like the most and why?

We liked Aura very much. It has a great variety of meats and the grilled octopus starter and the tortilla vaga were delicious. For dessert I would repeat the pistachio cookie.


Most beautiful area to take pictures?

Direct access to the beach. The private entrance with protected natural dunes is spectacular.


And the place that has inspired you the most?

I couldn’t choose a specific place, but rather moments. The breakfasts on the terrace overlooking the sea were very evocative. The equestrian obstacle jumping competition also inspired me a lot.


Proposals from the Valencian designer
Proposals from the Valencian designer

“If Oliva Nova were a hat it would undoubtedly wear feathers on a helmet, with a lot of inspiration from horses”.

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