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La Plaza Oliva Nova finishes off its wide range of gastronomic offerings with Saforn, a place where you can enjoy the most Mediterranean tradition and where you can taste local seasonal products like Cocas, its star dish, and other typical dishes of the area such as espencat, figatells or suquet de peix.

What began as a recipe made with water, flour, yeast and oil has managed to survive over time to become one of the most popular and well-known products of the region. A basic product in all bakeries that has recently made a leap to sneak into most avant-garde and modern kitchens.

With new versions that maintain the essence of the original Cocas, Saforn is one of those restaurants where you can taste slow-cooked dough and flavors of La Marina and La Safor regions. A restaurant which spouses tradition in a relaxed atmosphere perfect to enjoy with the family.

Coca Mullaor of sardine.
Coca Mullaor of sardine.
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