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CHG also offers two different architecture designs inspired by the most forward-looking and minimalist constructions, blending together privacy and calm. They are the new modern villas: Villas Ávila and Villa Gandía. You can choose the plot of land that better meets your requirements and needs, and start giving shape to the house of your dreams under your own guidelines. Isn’t it a dream come true? If there is one thing that characterises CHG, it is exactly the ability to build up your dreams.

When making such an important decision as it is buying a property on the beach, it is really important to fully know the company you trust. There are many real estate agencies, but not all of them offer the same quality and convey trust. Thus, you should know why choosing CHG to buy a property is always an excellent choice.


CHG makes things convenient form the very beginning. They help you decide, they give advice, they provide you with information every time you need, and they show your new property since the moment it is ready to be visited. Best of all, you can also visit any property without getting off the sofa. This is something rarely offered. Make it easy!


The location of CHG building promotions couldn’t be better. All the villas and apartments are in the Costa Blanca area, a few metres away from the beach or in the mountain. Apart from being in the best area of the Mediterranean coastline and having the possibility of enjoying our beach all year round, there are many leisure options: restaurants for the foodies, equestrianism for the horse lovers, a golf course and an endless number of towns and cities to visit…


It is possible to live in a design house. The houses built by CHG are stylish and, furthermore, they are aesthetically appealing. Forms, materials, and the selected finishes contribute to it and homes are turned into modern stylish homes.


Both, the quality of the materials used to build the property and the quality of the facilities where the property is located, are excellent. Floor covering, thermal insulation, sanitary installations, walls, and ceilings… everything is taken care of even the smallest details. Materials from the best brands are used and, thus, finishes are exquisite.


Apart from the quality of the building materials, its location and design, the communal areas are wide and attractive. Every residential complex built by CHG has wide garden areas, swimming pool and parking space.


For over 40 years CHG has offered the highest possible quality service to their clients. This has been the main objective from the very beginning and that’s why CHG offers the best guarantees, both quality and bank.


Apart from all the reasons above, an added value to buying a property with CHG is that clients who have bought a property in Oliva Nova will have a one-year guarantee on visible and non-visible defects. A personalised after-sales service which offers lots of benefits, such as the exclusive Life stage Plan.

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