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“Running on grass is a very pleasant experience”

Chema Martínez, one of the best long-distance runners in Spanish athletics, has become a regular at Oliva Nova Beach & Golf Resort. After visiting the facilities a few years ago and learning about the company’s values and projects, the runner wanted to be part of this great family and together they designed the Oliva Nova 10K race. A ten-kilometer challenge that runs through different areas of the resort including the golf course.

This race, whose third edition will take place in October 2023 and which is part of the resort’s sports offer, aims to continue to develop and position itself as one of the most important events in the runner calendar in the Valencia Region.

10k Chema Martínez
Runners at the starting line.

What recommendations would you give to runners who are running the 10K for the first time?

The main thing is that they consider the difference in surfaces, where first they run on asphalt and then on the golf course. It is important to keep the race pace but not to be obsessed with it, especially at the beginning, because on hard surface you go much faster than on grass and this can lead to confusion. In the end it’s a different experience, you can change your strategy as you get the hang of it.

What is the experience of running on a golf course like?

Running on grass is different. Perfectly groomed grass for golf is also attractive to a runner. The runner is not used to feeling that comfort, that cushioned ground, so different from asphalt. Those who experience it for the first time find it very pleasant.

What do you think about the running scene in the Valencian Community?

Today, Valencia has become the capital city of running. There are many running events and many amateurs. I think it’s wonderful that my sport, my passion, can be practiced and that there are so many people interested. I really enjoy watching people run, so I love that the whole Valencia Region is committed to it and the calendar is flooding with events.

Why would you recommend Oliva Nova? Why did you decide to become the brand ambassador?

When I was given the opportunity, I didn’t hesitate for a second. Also, as we sat down to talk about the organization of the 10K I felt that we were speaking the same language and that our way of working was in sync. Everything the resort offers has a lot to do with who I am and what my lifestyle is like.

It was all synergies, and I am happy with the opportunity I have been given. Another thing that captivated me was that they wanted to incorporate running into their sports offer. For me, it’s a total win-win game.

The touching arrival at the finish line.
The touching arrival at the finish line.

Do you think the 10K is an accessible and attractive event for amateur runners?

These 10 kilometers are a totally attractive and advisable race for anyone, even for those who have never run before. It can be prepared with time and there are people of all levels. On the other hand, the terrain where it takes place is very favorable, it has no slopes, no gradient, and I think it is very affordable. So there is no need to look for excuses: it can be done. I recommend it to everyone.

Let’s talk about family reconciliation. Is it difficult to combine your training and family days off?

Fortunately, at home we all live sports in the same way, we love it and it is part of our lives. Many times we have the opportunity to do sports as a family and for me this is wonderful. I recently had the opportunity to live an incredible experience with my son Nicolás cycling between Madrid and Oliva. I will always remember it.

You participated in the design of the race route, what were your suggestions?

When we designed the racecourse, we wanted it to be 10 different kilometers in which you had the possibility to enjoy an environment where different sensations could be created. For now we have incorporated the grassy terrain as it passes through the golf course, perhaps later we will also incorporate the sand from the beach.

What plans do you usually enjoy when you stay in Oliva Nova?

When we go to Oliva Nova what we do is to connect by disconnecting, that is, we leave our usual environment and go to a place where we feel at home. We love spending time at the beach, running, swimming, getting to know the surroundings, which, by the way, are truly wonderful. We try to spend as much time together as possible, quality time, without looking for excuses, just seeing the opportunities that this area offers us to enjoy as a family. Oliva Nova meets all these requirements. We are very comfortable and feel very good when we come.

The Pablo and Luis Borho brothers flank the great Spanish long-distance runner.
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