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Her early days

Natalia Escuriola says that her first memories related to golf are linked to Costa del Azahar, the golf club in Castellón where she grew up and of which she is still a member.

His grandfather was among those responsible for her link to the course because he was in charge of the club’s gardening for many years. Later her father, uncle and older cousin encouraged her to try the sport that would change her life, golf.

When she was only six years old, the golfer had her first contact through a children’s course given at the club itself, although she confesses that it was not until later that she really started to like it.

Natalia was improving her technique and growing professionally in the world of golf. When she started competing in international tournaments, she realized she could go further. The Evian Juniors Cup, in which she played at the age of 14, was her turning point, she admits.

Natalia Escuriola
“Oliva Nova Golf is a course I have respect for”.

Her professional career

Natalia Escuriola worked hard during her amateur stage to, in 2015, gain a foothold in the Ladies European Tour Access, the professional golf tour for women that prepares players to participate in the LET. In September of the same year, Natalia achieved promotion to professional status after two victories and four top 3 finishes in other tournaments. She also obtained a second position in the LET Access Order of Merit, which awarded her the full card to play the 2016 season of the Women’s European Tour.

Escuriola has also participated in several editions of the Santander Golf Tour, the tournament organized by Banco Santander to support professional women’s golf. The Spaniard has achieved a total of six victories in different circuits of this same competition, three of which have taken place in Valencia.

“Winning in my homeland is always a pleasure, and doing it in Oliva Nova was a source of pride because it is a course I have known for many years and which I respect for all the hazards it has”.

And anyone who knows the Oliva Nova golf course knows what Escuriola is talking about. A course designed by one of the most important golfers in history, Severiano Ballesteros, with undulating greens and water areas that challenge players. In addition, its 50-hectare surface and the 18 holes that make up the circuit make this event an irresistible challenge for any golf lover. At 28 years of age, Natalia Escuriola has managed to position herself as one of the most important golfers on the Spanish golf scene and has topped the tournament rankings on several occasions.


Natalia Escuriola: in-depth interview

 What is your reference in the world of golf?

I love Rory Mcllroy and the progress he has made over the years, his attitude on and off the course, and his solid game.


What is the day-to-day life of a professional golfer like?

I currently combine my studies of ADE with sports. I usually have classes in the morning and devote my afternoons to golf training and the gym.


What is the victory to date that you have been most excited about?

It was when I played as an amateur in the 2013 European Absolute Team Championship. We won the gold in the tiebreaker, and I remember the moment perfectly. It was very exciting because the team members were very close friends.


Do you practice any other sport?

I go skiing a couple of times a year. I play paddle tennis on occasion, with friends, but I’m terrible at it… (laughs). In addition, I really like to go hiking in the mountains.


What do you like to do in your spare time?

Reading, watching series, spending time with my friends, my family, my pets…. Although, the truth is that I don’t have much free time.


What is your favorite series?

I really enjoyed watching Game of Thrones.


And your favorite food?

The chicken breasts with cream and onion that my mother prepares.


What are your plans for the future?

My future involves playing in the Ladies European Tour school for the next few years.


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