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Oliva Nova Beach & Golf Resort would not have become a benchmark in the Mediterranean coast without the work, support, and effort of each and every one of its workers, some of them with an even longer career within the company than the current heirs.

Jose María Pastor, Vicenta Sáez, Jose Antonio Noguera or Rafael Gregori are examples of this. A professional life devoted body and soul to the company. The one that has seen them grow, the one that allowed them to grow within each of their specialties and the one that today is part of their family.

“We are a family group that allows its employees to progress professionally and also to contribute with ideas”, says Luis Borho. “No doubt, we are here because of all of them. We live by and for the customer, but we are nothing without our employees”, he remarks.

For Siegfried Borho, the employees were everything and 50 years later his sons and daughters continue with the same vision, that of creating a great, qualified and committed team that together can keep the resort at the top of the tourism scene. Today, more than 550 people make Grupo CHG possible.

For Siegfried Borho, his employees were everything, and 50 years later his children still have the same mindset.


José María Pastor

The Grupo CHG head of architecture and urban planning brings the longest- standing vision in CHG’s history. After almost fifty years in the service of the company, he tells us how it went from being a developer and builder in the town of Denia to become the tourist and sports benchmark of the Costa Blanca it is today.

He started as a trainee draftsman and worked his way up to become the person in charge of managing and coordinating the development of all Grupo CHG projects. José María Pastor remembers the 80s with special affection,  his beginnings and what it was like to work with Siegfried Borho, the founder of Oliva Nova.

“Siegfried Borho was a creative person, a hard worker and always at the bottom of the barrel; someone who talked to people and took advice. I worked very well with him”.

With the desire to provide other services and advice to tourists visiting the area, the expert says that Construcciones Hispano Germanas expanded its facilities to the point of investing in a resort in the town of Oliva, which became “the flagship” of the company: Oliva Nova Beach & Golf Resort. Although he confesses that the workers thought that this project would not go beyond a simple housing development located in a privileged area, the resort grew unstoppably and today it has achieved worldwide fame.

“The place is idyllic. It has a virgin beach of white sand, the natural park of the Pego-Oliva marsh, and sun practically all year round. In addition, the commitment to sport has been very clever. We have golf, soccer, paddle tennis, horseback riding, cycling… which is attracting people from all segments”.

José Antonio Noguera

The technical director of CHG reveals the new projects the group is working on and the future plans of the 5-star resort, with the aim of putting an end to seasonal tourism.

The leading developer and construction company on the Costa Blanca has managed to attract holiday tourism in the area and is currently working on the construction of more than 200 homes, including designer villas, apartments and other buildings to add to the company’s existing wide range of products. The differential value of CHG, which has managed to position the construction company as a leader in the sector, is to customize the homes down to the smallest detail, in addition to accompanying and providing an excellent after-sales service.

“Our stregth is vacation homes. Our services go beyond that, and we accompany our customers and provide an excellent after-sales service. This is our differential value”, states José Antonio Noguera. With the corporate slogan ‘live life’, CHG is committed to Mediterranean designs linked to the enjoyment of outdoor living. They also intend to go further to put an end to seasonal tourism. Some examples are the hotel expansion project, with an indoor swimming pool and a water play area for children; the construction of a convention center on the beachfront or the residential area located on the ‘Manzana J’ plot.

“In the long term, I see the CHG developer even more consolidated, with its geographical extension tripled, and with actions in other areas of the Mediterranean shore”.

Vicenta Sáez

Oliva Nova Beach & Golf Hotel’s housekeeper uncovers the secrets behind the operation of a 4-star hotel to ensure a first-class stay.

She started as a chambermaid when she was very young and now she is in charge of about twenty people. Vicenta Sáez is a clear example that effort and dedication are the key to achieving good results.

After almost 40 years working for the company and having worked in all types of accommodation, the person in charge of the organization and cleaning of the hotel knows better than anyone how things should be done so that the client is happy and wants to come back.

“There is an up-to-date listing that tells us what condition the hotel is in at all times. We —she explains— start by checking the rooms to make sure they are impeccable before receiving the client, but there are other more specific tasks that the client requests on an individual basis and others that the maintenance team takes care of. You have to be attentive at all times and try to make guests feel at home”.

Vicenta Saez is proud of her position and admits that being the housekeeper of a resort like Oliva Nova has been a personal and professional challenge that she has faced with great enthusiasm.

Rafael Gregori

The director of Aguas de Bullent, the company in charge of the water supply, which belongs to the CHG business group, explains the changes that the resort has undergone to maintain its strong commitment to the environment.

After 40 years in charge of the Oliva Nova area of Oliva Nova, Aguas del Bullent takes a step further and updates its management system to digitize the wáter cycle in the area. This new technology allows always knowing the water volume and detects water loss immediately.

“We can know the water consumption of the area on a daily basis without having to wait for a quarterly billing”, the manager admits.

A pioneering initiative that is being carried out with a highly qualified team capable of providing the best service and support to tourists and residents of the area.

“I want to highlight the work and commitment of all the workers. If tourists or residents of the area have a problem, Aguas del Bullent is there to solve it, 24 hours a day, seven days a week”, explains Rafael Gregori.

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