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The resort has its own academy and multi-lingual teachers who are experts in the field, in addition to the excellent facilities. Players, whether beginners or experienced, can enjoy courses, clinics and group or private lessons completely personalized.

Getting started tips


The hands should be positioned and work together for greater control and to exert the correct pressure. A good grip will allow you to flex your wrists, rotate your forearms and generate club speed.


Correct posture will allow the body to turn during the swing and the impact of the ball to be solid. The trunk should lean slightly in front of the hips, the back should be kept straight, the chin separated from the chest and the knees slightly bent. As for the feet, they should be placed wider than shoulder width apart for maximum stability and strength in the stance.


The alignment of the clubface and body will be fundamental to achieve a good shot. The club face should point directly at the target and the feet, knees, hips and shoulders should be placed parallel to each other, simulating train tracks.


Refers to the first part of the golf swing that consists of the backward movement of the club. During the movement, the shoulders should rotate about 90o from the line of the feet, and the hips about 45o from their starting position. With the hands we will take the stick backwards and flex the wrists to form a 90o arc between the rod and the left forearm. As for the position of the legs, the weight will fall slightly on the inside of the right foot while keeping the right knee bent to create resistance in the swing.



It is the transition we make from the downswing of the club at the top of the backswing to the moment of contact with the ball. To perform the descent correctly, we must rotate the hips and torso, making sure that the shoulders remain in the same plane, preventing them from going up or down.



The hips, trunk and shoulders shall be slightly open towards the target line so that the arms can bring the club down the proper trajectory towards the ball. Keep the arms extended to reset the swing radius and let the right heel lift off the ground as the trunk rotates following the ball.

Follow Through

After impacting you should continue to unwind the hips and trunk towards the impact zone to transfer some of the weight to the left side, with the heel of the right foot fully lifted and rotating the body towards the target.



You should finish the movement by rotating the body 90o about the position of the feet. The stick will end above the shoulders and head, facing the target. The entire weight will fall on the left foot. The right foot, on the other hand, will have the toe cap as the only point of support.

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