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“I’ve been a skier, a golf pro and now I’m a showman.


He began his professional career as a skier and managed to slide down the most incredible mountains in the world. Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy, Argentina, Chile and Colorado are some of the places that saw the Galicia born skier in action. Years later, a knee injury led him to give up skiing, but Severiano Ballesteros’s plays opened his eyes to a new world: golf. “I started playing golf watching Seve. I gave up skiing because I had a problem with my left knee and I needed to find another sport in which I could compete. I have always been very competitive,” confesses Beamonte.

His first puts took place at the Real Club Puerta de Hierro in Madrid, a place that provided him with a pool of knowledge and gave him the opportunity to meet Severiano Ballesteros first hand. Step by step, this young man, a sports lover, became a player with a lot of potential who even caught the attention of his idol in a Pro-Am at the Spanish Open.

“I remember with special fondness when as a child I was Seve’s caddie master in the days leading up to the Madrid Open, but above all, I remember when a few years later I played a Pro-Am at the Spanish Open thanks to my friend’s mother. When she called me to tell me that there was an open spot available for the 13:30 event on the European Tour in October, I knew I would be playing with someone important, what I didn’t imagine was that it would be with Severiano Ballesteros himself. I remember it with great excitement, there were more than 500 people on the first tee, I appeared in a local newspaper in Barcelona and Seve gave me a special mention in the prize-giving ceremony”.

The one who started as an amateur at the age of 16, ended up being a professional golfer with a long career ahead of him. First, he ran the Guadalmina Golf Club (Malaga), later he became the most heard commentator on the American circuit and now he combines his television skills with his own golf school. “I have gone through different ups and downs. When I returned to Madrid, I found that I had a lot of free time while working in television, so I thought about becoming a teacher and teaching everything I know. After carrying out this role in different clubs, I decided to set up my own school and develop a project that I later pitched to Decathlon, for whom I currently work”.

Nowadays, Beamonte works for this large department store that sells and distributes sports equipment with a totally customized training method and Foresight Sport technology. The expert, who saw a business opportunity with the underused simulator at the Decathlon Golf next door to his home, is now a renowned teacher who also gives courses at other clubs and for the last three years he has been a teacher at the Oliva Nova Beach & Golf Resort.

This summer 2023, the golfer has taught 28 hours of classes and has run free clinics within the resort for players of all levels. His long-term goal is to continue sharing all his knowledge and to be part of the great Oliva Nova family.


Álvaro Beamonte in depth

“I first came to Oliva Nova 30 years ago. I was completely overwhelmed by the complex and the course, which was still under construction. It seemed to me that it would have a great future.

Who is Álvaro Beamonte?

I would mainly say that I am Galician, living in Madrid. I was born in Barqueiro, I spent some time as a skier, then I was a golf professional and now I am a showman. I have been many things, but above all, I am a tireless worker, a friend of my friends and I like to treat people well.

Beach or mountains?

Mountains always. Not to miss Oliva Nova, but I am a skier. For me Oliva Nova is a special place with one of the best beaches. I compare it to La Barrosa in Cadiz and La Lanzada in my homeland, Galicia. For me they are the three best beaches in Spain that I know of.

What is your life philosophy?

To do no harm to anyone, to teach and share everything I know, to be polite, to be a tireless worker and to be a friend of my friends.

What attracts you most to Oliva Nova?

It’s a place where you get off the road, you go in, and you don’t want to leave. Oliva Nova has made a real estate, sports, leisure and tourism development that encompasses all needs. It has a beach, horse riding, golf, tennis, padel tennis… and all the services in the world. Whenever I come here, it’s hard for me to leave.


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