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It is defined as a gastronomy restaurant with a clearly defined objective: satisfying the customer with personal culinary creations that take the pleasure of eating to the highest level.

Aura is one of those restaurants that everyone recommends when visiting the area of La Safor. On the menu, rice is cooked with all the Mediterranean flavours, meats and fish from the best sources and dishes are always prepared with the best products, with a major role played by the Levante vegetable garden. Gastronomy is designed with the utmost care and within it all five senses are explored.

Hence, Aura is a culinary experience where you can taste unique specialties while enjoying a warm and friendly atmosphere and a service dedicated to satisfying the diner. In addition, it is a space where comfort and design have been taken care of down to the smallest detail.

Aura Resto
Aura houses a glassed-in wine cellar with wines and cavas from top producers.

Its dishes are prepared with the best ingredients and the characteristic flavours of Mediterranean cuisine


Toast prepared with seasonals products.
Toast prepared with seasonals products.
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